The Low Season

34. Bert (NYC)

June 12, 2020

We’re in NYC talking to food tour guide Bert James. Our first conversation in May centred on what pandemic restrictions might mean for a city that’s famously nocturnal. Given the recent BLM protests, we caught up again this week for an update. We talk about the importance of nightlife, social media real estate and the joy found in eavesdropping on a first date.  

Conversations from May 7th and June 9th 2020.


Bert James' website and YouTube channel.

The Food Tour company Bert works with.

The Black Lives Matter Movement.

'What Black America Means to Europe' by Gary Younge for The Guardian.

Afropean by Jony Pitts.


Music by Mark Schilders. Design by Chris Whyte, and Chris' non-profit charity project 'The Chariso Press'.

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