The Low Season

54. Rick (Steves)

July 29, 2020

Today, we're in Edmonds, Washington talking to Rick Steves. Yes, that Rick Steves. The 'Rick Steves Europe' Rick Steves. The travel guru is on a decades-long mission to move people- namely U.S. Americans- to get over themselves, broaden their horizons and experience the world. As he asserts in his new book, Rick sees travel as a political act. After 9/11, he worked to convince folks they needed to travel more, not less. So just how does he plan to carry on his mission when combating the coronavirus requires us to stay home?


This was a special collaboration with the Berlin Guides Association.

Conversation from July 27th 2020. The full 1-hour video conversation.


The Rick Steves Universe.

This is where Rick's at currently.

A review of Steves' book Travel as a Political Act by NPR.

The New York Times Magazine piece on Rick Steves by Sam Anderson.

Rick Steves' Commencement Address for the Class of 2020


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