The Low Season

58. Kasia (Paris)

August 7, 2020

Bonjour mes amis! Meet Kasia Klon, a guide who came to Paris from Poland- via New York and Berlin- only to be disappointed. Getting over an initial dislike of the French capital, she soon fell in love with the city and now leads small-group street art tours. We talk Paris Syndrome, proud locals and why a simple Bonjour goes a long way.

Conversation from June 10th 2020.


Kasia's tour company does regular and virtual tours of Paris.

Street Art Tour Paris on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Check out this cool neighbourhood of Paris.

Music by Mark Schilders. Design by CC Whyte, and Chris' non-profit charity project 'The Chariso Press'.

Georgia Riungu created Women of Berlin!!

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